Code designer (updated: 11 Nov 2018, 14:25:17)

Code designer allows you to write own module in the C language. For example to add a sensor or sequence of actions. If feature enabled don't forget to write initial code before compiling.

Some examples of community peoples you can see here -

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Variable / Function Description
system_get_free_heap_size() Free RAM
timersrc uptime device
wifi_station_get_rssi() Signal level (not older SDK)
readvdd33() Supply voltage (ESP8266)
apds_c APDS9960 light
apds_r APDS9960 light RED
apds_g APDS9960 light GREEN
apds_b APDS9960 light BLUE
CCS_CO2 CO2 sensor CCS811
lrsens[x][y] LORA
max31865data MAX31865 Temperature
hdc_t Temperature sensor HDC1080
hdc_h hum sensors HDC1080
pms_pm10 PM1.0
pms_pm25 PM2.5
pms_pm100 PM10.0
vl53l0x Distance VL53L0X
mbstval[y][x] ModBus
system_adc_read() Internal ADC (ESP8266)
adc1_get_raw(x) Int ADC (ESP32)
lmt temperature sensors LM75 or DS1621
ina_v Voltage sensor with INA219
ina_a Current sensor with INA219
dht_tX Temperature sensors DHT22 DHT11
dht_hX Humidity sensors DHT22 DHT11
bmp_t temperature sensors BMP180/085
bmp_p Pressure sensors BMP180 / 085
count60end[x] Data counter 60
bh_l The illuminance sensor with BH1750
am_t temperature sensors AM2321
am_h Humidity sensor AM2321
data1wire[x] temperature sensors DS18B20
bme_t Temperature sensor with BME280
bme_h Humidity sensor BME280
bme_p Pressure sensor with BME280
sht_t Temperature sensor with SHT21
sht_h Humidity sensor SHT21
sht30_t Temperature sensor with SHT30
sht30_h Humidity sensor SHT30
maxtemp temperature sensors MAX6675
cccvv Voltage sensor with CC/CV
cccvc Current sensor with CC/CV
pmv,pmvf Voltage sensor with Power Monitor
pmcn,pmcf Current sensor with Power Monitor
pmw Power devices with Power Monitor
pmwh Flow from the device Power Monitor
rfidd Data from the RFID
sht10_t SHT1x
sht10_h SHT1x
co2data Sensors CO2 MH-Z1x
vsens[y][x] Data from Virtual SENS sensors
ADCdata[x] data from ADC PCF8591
RC_KEYSND Receiving the code with radio control
temp_DS3231 Temperature DS3231
rssigsm RSSI GSM
IR_KEYSND Receiving the code with IR Remote
pcf_countX Pulse counter PCF8583
pcf_county[x] Pulse counter PCF8583 yesterday
rcsendata[x] Temperature sensor with modules RC
rcsendata[x] Humidity sensor module with RC
rcsendata[x] ADC modules RC sensor
countint[x] Pulse counters.
pwm_state(x) PWM Channel status, set status same topic
digitalRead(x) GPIO Input status (MajorDoMo)
digitalRead(x) GPIO Input status (MQTT)
valdes[x] Global variables constructor code
hx711 scale HX711
datamcp1 data from ADC MCP3201
smsmsg The text of incoming SMS GSM module
ADSDATA[x] data from ADC ADS1115
vz89co2 CO2 VZ-89T
vz89co2 Sensor VZ-89T CO2
vz89tvoc Sensor VZ-89T tvoc
nootemp[x] Temperature sensors with NooLite
noohum[x] Humidity sensor with NooLite
readsonar HC-SR04
tsllux data from TSL2561
IMAPMESSAGES The number of messages in the email box
IMAPUNSEEN The number of unread messages in your email box
ibdata ID iButton key
ups_vi Data from UPS Monitor. Input voltage.
ups_vf Data from UPS Monitor. Input voltage.
ups_vo Data from UPS Monitor. The voltage at the output.
ups_hz Data from UPS Monitor. Network frequency
ups_t Data from UPS Monitor. The temperature in the housing
ups_bat Data from UPS Monitor. Battery voltage.
ups_st Data from UPS Monitor. Load
mlx_o Object temperature MLX90614
mlx_a Ambient temperature MLX90614
vw_t[x][y] Temperature VirtualWire
vw_h[x][y] Humidity VirtualWire
vw_c[x][y] Counters VirtualWire
vw_a[x][y] ADC VirtualWire
vw_b[x][y] One byte VirtualWire
hlw_w HLW8012 (Sonoff POW) Power
hlw_v HLW8012 (Sonoff POW) Voltage
hlw_c HLW8012 (Sonoff POW) Current
hlw_wh() HLW8012 (Sonoff POW) Watt/h