SD logger (updated: 26 Apr 2016, 17:51:10)

Connection Card: MOSI - GPIO 13, MISO - GPIO 12, CLK -GP14, CS - GPIO 15 (+ 10k resistor to GND). * .htm Files are opened as a web page. Tested simultaneous work in conjunction with TFT and touch. Simultaneous operation of other SPI devices are not supported at this time.

By adding this option in the firmware it is possible to carry the logs to the SD card at a set interval.

The SD card settings you need to enter your pattern, according to metrics:

Example:"_DATE_ _TIMES_ _RSSI_ _MEM_ _DSW1_"

Topic Description
_IP_ IP address of the device
_MEM_ Free RAM
_UPTIME_ uptime device
_RSSI_ Signal level (not older SDK)
_VDD_ Supply voltage (ESP8266)
_TIME_ Time
_TIMES_ Time with seconds
_WEEK_ Day of the week
_RADIO_ Name of the current Internet station
_APDSC_ APDS9960 light
_APDSR_ APDS9960 light RED
_APDSG_ APDS9960 light GREEN
_APDSB_ APDS9960 light BLUE
_TSSETx_ Setup thermostat
_TSONx_ State thermostat on/off
_CCSCO2_ CO2 sensor CCS811
_CCSTVOC_ TVOC sensor CCS811
_RTD_ MAX31865 Temperature
_HDCT_ Temperature sensor HDC1080
_HDCH_ hum sensors HDC1080
_PMS10_ PM1.0
_PMS25_ PM2.5
_PMS100_ PM10.0
_VL53L0X_ Distance VL53L0X
_MByyxx_ ModBus
_ADC_ Internal ADC (ESP8266)
_IADCx_ Int ADC (ESP32)
_LM_ temperature sensors LM75 or DS1621
_INAV_ Voltage sensor with INA219
_INAC_ Current sensor with INA219
_DHTTx_ Temperature sensors DHT22 DHT11
_DHTHx_ Humidity sensors DHT22 DHT11
_BMPT_ temperature sensors BMP180/085
_BMPP_ Pressure sensors BMP180 / 085
_CNTxI_ Data counter 60
_BH_ The illuminance sensor with BH1750
_AMT_ temperature sensors AM2321
_AMH_ Humidity sensor AM2321
_DSWx_ temperature sensors DS18B20
_BMET_ Temperature sensor with BME280
_BMEH_ Humidity sensor BME280
_BMEP_ Pressure sensor with BME280
_SHTT_ Temperature sensor with SHT21
_SHTH_ Humidity sensor SHT21
_SHT30T_ Temperature sensor with SHT30
_SHT30H_ Humidity sensor SHT30
_HEAT_ temperature sensors MAX6675
_CVV_ Voltage sensor with CC/CV
_CVC_ Current sensor with CC/CV
_PMV_ Voltage sensor with Power Monitor
_PMC_ Current sensor with Power Monitor
_PMW_ Power devices with Power Monitor
_PMWH_ Flow from the device Power Monitor
_RFID_ Data from the RFID
_SHT10T_ SHT1x
_SHT10H_ SHT1x
_CO2_ Sensors CO2 MH-Z1x
_PING_ ping test
_VSyx_ Data from Virtual SENS sensors
_GTT_ The temperature of the today
_GTH_ Humidity with today
_GYT_ The temperature of the tomorrow
_GYH_ Humidity with tomorrow
_GTP_ Pressure with today
_GYP_ Pressure with tomorrow
_GTWIND_ Wind speed and direction today
_GYWIND_ Wind speed and direction tomorrow
_NMx_ The data received from the sensors
_ADCx_ data from ADC PCF8591
_RTCT_ Temperature DS3231
_NRFxCy_ Counter modules with NRF24
_NRFxTy_ The temperature of the modules NRF24
_NRFxHy_ Humidity module with NRF24
_NRFxAy_ ADC modules NRF24
_NRFxGy_ Status GPIO module with NRF24
_NRFxBy_ Other data from the modules NRF24
_PCFCx_ Pulse counter PCF8583
_PCFCTx_ Pulse counter PCF8583 Today
_PCFCYx_ Pulse counter PCF8583 yesterday
_RSx_ Temperature sensor with modules RC
_RSx_ Humidity sensor module with RC
_RSx_ ADC modules RC sensor
_CNTx_ Pulse counters.
_INTx_ interrupt Event
_PWMx_ PWM Channel status, set status same topic
_GPIOx_ GPIO Input status
_DATE_ Date. Requires calendar support
_VALDESx_ Global variables constructor code
_SCALE_ scale HX711
_MCPA_ data from ADC MCP3201
_ADSx_ data from ADC ADS1115
_VZCO2_ Sensor VZ-89T CO2
_VZTV_ Sensor VZ-89T tvoc
_NLxT_ Temperature sensors with NooLite
_NLxH_ Humidity sensor with NooLite
_TSL_ data from TSL2561
_MCMSG_ The number of messages in the email box
_MCUNS_ The number of unread messages in your email box
_UPSI_ Data from UPS Monitor. Input voltage.
_UPSF_ Data from UPS Monitor. Input voltage.
_UPSO_ Data from UPS Monitor. The voltage at the output.
_UPSH_ Data from UPS Monitor. Network frequency
_UPST_ Data from UPS Monitor. The temperature in the housing
_UPSB_ Data from UPS Monitor. Battery voltage.
_UPSS_ Data from UPS Monitor. Load
_MLXO_ Object temperature MLX90614
_MLXA_ Ambient temperature MLX90614
_VALx_ data from Interpreter
_VWTxy_ Temperature VirtualWire
_VWHxy_ Humidity VirtualWire
_VWCxy_ Counters VirtualWire
_VWAxy_ ADC VirtualWire
_VWBxy_ One byte VirtualWire
_HLWW_ HLW8012 (Sonoff POW) Power
_HLWV_ HLW8012 (Sonoff POW) Voltage
_HLWC_ HLW8012 (Sonoff POW) Current
_HLWWH_ HLW8012 (Sonoff POW) Watt/h