Stepper (updated: 16 Jun 2016, 13:10:46)

Control stepper motors 28BYJ-48 and similar to the ULN2003 driver. Connection 4-wire.

Connecting the engine to the GPIO specified in the configuration firmware designer options. Attention, some GPIO modules 4 and 5 are mixed up!

Control via a GET request

http://[ip_adr]/stepper?step=Y&delay=X. Where Y - the number of steps to move in the opposite direction put a negative number, X - the interval in milliseconds between steps.

Control via MQTT

You must send in topic login/hostname/stepperX number of steps. X - the interval in milliseconds between steps.

Auto mode

Firmware supports automatic mode, which automatically switches the engine off in the end positions when triggered, limit switch sensors. Actuation occurs when a low level. GPIO sensors are set in the constructor firmware before compiling.

The motor is controlled by a GPIO under the number 197, which allows you to manage them from any flash functions, such as options or consoles logic. Also available as a conventional control GET request control GPIO http://[ip_adr]/gpio?pin=197&st=X , where X can be 0 - left, 1 -left, 2 - change the situation.

Additional GPIO: 196 - stop , 195 - left ,  194 - right. GPIO data is useful for managing appointments through infrared and radio remote controls.