RCswitch Tx 433/315 (updated: 11 Nov 2016, 15:41:58)

Management outlets and other devices based on the protocol RC switch.

Management outlets and other devices based on RCswitch protocol.

Read through the instruction code can be RCswitch library using Arduino or by using an option in the constructor RCswitch receiver firmware.

Control via a GET request

Team management: http://[ip address]/rcremote?cmd = YYYY. Where YYYY - digital command code.

There is an additional parameter &per=200, which defines the time pulse in microseconds. The parameter is optional. Default 300mks. (Changes in the firmware constructor)

You can change the bit depth of the signal parameter &bits=20, default 24 (varies Firmware Designer).

Control via MQTT

It is necessary to give a command to the topic login/hostname/rcswitch. Per bit mode and the parameter is not currently defined.

Control via Remap GPIO

Used to control radio outlets and other devices that have used different commands to start and stop as GPIO. This makes it possible to control devices of the functions of the firmware, such as the Task Scheduler or the thermostat.

Can be used for devices and do not have different teams on and off. For ease of management. In this case, the fields OFF and ON you must enter the same code.

The number of devices is possible to set to set the firmware designer options. Default of 2.

The devices are controlled by GPIO numbers starting with 140. The inverting mode 2 is not implemented.