(updated: 06 Mar 2019, 17:15:51)

Service metrics, supports the display of up to 8 values. Sending readings every 5 minutes.

The site need to add the appropriate field to display sensors. It is recommended to add any field on the site so as not to look for a sensor corresponds to any field. Adjust or replace the line field and the sensor is not possible.

For a more flexible use of service it is recommended to use the option TCP/UDP client.

List of metrics:

field1 DHT1/ AM2321 / DS18B20(5) / ADC int temp
field2 DHT1 / AM2321 / DS18B20(4) humidity / temp
field3 BMP temp
field4 BMP pressure
field5 DHT2 / INA219 / DS18B20(3) temp / voltage
field6 DHT2 / INA219 / DS18B20(2) humidity / current
field7 DS18B20(1) / LM75 temp
field8 ADC int / BH1750 / Free mem light