UI2 editor (updated: 21 Oct 2018, 07:41:35)

The editor of the main page to output the sensor using your template.Used html tags. You can write in Russian. Edit pages directly on the module! Available _WGPIOx_ macro to create buttons. Limit the text size to 600 bytes!

Macros to insert into your page editor:

Topic Description
_IP_ IP address of the device
_MEM_ Free RAM
_UPTIME_ uptime device
_RSSI_ Signal level (not older SDK)
_VDD_ Supply voltage (ESP8266)
_TIME_ Time
_TIMES_ Time with seconds
_WEEK_ Day of the week
_RADIO_ Name of the current Internet station
_APDSC_ APDS9960 light
_APDSR_ APDS9960 light RED
_APDSG_ APDS9960 light GREEN
_APDSB_ APDS9960 light BLUE
_TSSETx_ Setup thermostat
_TSONx_ State thermostat on/off
_CCSCO2_ CO2 sensor CCS811
_CCSTVOC_ TVOC sensor CCS811
_RTD_ MAX31865 Temperature
_HDCT_ Temperature sensor HDC1080
_HDCH_ hum sensors HDC1080
_PMS10_ PM1.0
_PMS25_ PM2.5
_PMS100_ PM10.0
_VL53L0X_ Distance VL53L0X
_MByyxx_ ModBus
_ADC_ Internal ADC (ESP8266)
_IADCx_ Int ADC (ESP32)
_LM_ temperature sensors LM75 or DS1621
_INAV_ Voltage sensor with INA219
_INAC_ Current sensor with INA219
_DHTTx_ Temperature sensors DHT22 DHT11
_DHTHx_ Humidity sensors DHT22 DHT11
_BMPT_ temperature sensors BMP180/085
_BMPP_ Pressure sensors BMP180 / 085
_CNTxI_ Data counter 60
_BH_ The illuminance sensor with BH1750
_AMT_ temperature sensors AM2321
_AMH_ Humidity sensor AM2321
_DSWx_ temperature sensors DS18B20
_BMET_ Temperature sensor with BME280
_BMEH_ Humidity sensor BME280
_BMEP_ Pressure sensor with BME280
_SHTT_ Temperature sensor with SHT21
_SHTH_ Humidity sensor SHT21
_SHT30T_ Temperature sensor with SHT30
_SHT30H_ Humidity sensor SHT30
_HEAT_ temperature sensors MAX6675
_CVV_ Voltage sensor with CC/CV
_CVC_ Current sensor with CC/CV
_PMV_ Voltage sensor with Power Monitor
_PMC_ Current sensor with Power Monitor
_PMW_ Power devices with Power Monitor
_PMWH_ Flow from the device Power Monitor
_RFID_ Data from the RFID
_SHT10T_ SHT1x
_SHT10H_ SHT1x
_CO2_ Sensors CO2 MH-Z1x
_PING_ ping test
_VSyx_ Data from Virtual SENS sensors
_GTT_ The temperature of the gismeteo.ru today
_GTH_ Humidity with gismeteo.ru today
_GYT_ The temperature of the gismeteo.ru tomorrow
_GYH_ Humidity with gismeteo.ru tomorrow
_GTP_ Pressure with gismeteo.ru today
_GYP_ Pressure with gismeteo.ru tomorrow
_GTWIND_ Wind speed and direction gismeteo.ru today
_GYWIND_ Wind speed and direction gismeteo.ru tomorrow
_NMx_ The data received from the sensors narodmon.ru
_ADCx_ data from ADC PCF8591
_RTCT_ Temperature DS3231
_NRFxCy_ Counter modules with NRF24
_NRFxTy_ The temperature of the modules NRF24
_NRFxHy_ Humidity module with NRF24
_NRFxAy_ ADC modules NRF24
_NRFxGy_ Status GPIO module with NRF24
_NRFxBy_ Other data from the modules NRF24
_PCFCx_ Pulse counter PCF8583
_PCFCTx_ Pulse counter PCF8583 Today
_PCFCYx_ Pulse counter PCF8583 yesterday
_RSx_ Temperature sensor with modules RC
_RSx_ Humidity sensor module with RC
_RSx_ ADC modules RC sensor
_CNTx_ Pulse counters.
_INTx_ interrupt Event
_PWMx_ PWM Channel status, set status same topic
_GPIOx_ GPIO Input status
_DATE_ Date. Requires calendar support
_VALDESx_ Global variables constructor code
_SCALE_ scale HX711
_MCPA_ data from ADC MCP3201
_ADSx_ data from ADC ADS1115
_VZCO2_ Sensor VZ-89T CO2
_VZTV_ Sensor VZ-89T tvoc
_NLxT_ Temperature sensors with NooLite
_NLxH_ Humidity sensor with NooLite
_TSL_ data from TSL2561
_MCMSG_ The number of messages in the email box
_MCUNS_ The number of unread messages in your email box
_UPSI_ Data from UPS Monitor. Input voltage.
_UPSF_ Data from UPS Monitor. Input voltage.
_UPSO_ Data from UPS Monitor. The voltage at the output.
_UPSH_ Data from UPS Monitor. Network frequency
_UPST_ Data from UPS Monitor. The temperature in the housing
_UPSB_ Data from UPS Monitor. Battery voltage.
_UPSS_ Data from UPS Monitor. Load
_MLXO_ Object temperature MLX90614
_MLXA_ Ambient temperature MLX90614
_VALx_ data from Interpreter
_VWTxy_ Temperature VirtualWire
_VWHxy_ Humidity VirtualWire
_VWCxy_ Counters VirtualWire
_VWAxy_ ADC VirtualWire
_VWBxy_ One byte VirtualWire
_HLWW_ HLW8012 (Sonoff POW) Power
_HLWV_ HLW8012 (Sonoff POW) Voltage
_HLWC_ HLW8012 (Sonoff POW) Current
_HLWWH_ HLW8012 (Sonoff POW) Watt/h