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We are happy to announce the launch of ESP32 SoC firmware builder alpha, feel free to contact us!

ESP8266 Already supported features, sensors, services...

Sensors: BMP 085/180, 1-wire DS18B20, DHT 11/21/22, LM75, INA219, DS1621, BH1750, AM2321, BME280, SHT21/SI7021, SHT1x, MAX6675, PZEM-004T, CO2 MH-Z1x

Services:,, (DDNS),,, MajorDoMo,,, MQTT, TCP, Zabbix

Hardware: RTC DS1307, RTC DS3231, ADC PCF8591, ADC MCP3201, GPIO PCF8574, GPIO MCP23017, GPIO 74HC595, PCF8583, RC 433/315, IR, FM, Livolo, NRF24, Stepper, SIM800 SMS, SD Card

System: NTP, I2C, Telnet, HTTP, GPS, Calendar, GPIO, OTA, Deep sleep, Counter, Interrupts, Software PWM, UART, Scheduler, Thermostat, Code designer, Logic, UART bridge

Display: LCD 1602/1604/2004, OLED SSD1306, TFT ILI9341, TM1637, MAX7219, HT1632, Nextion HMI, MAX7219

Beta: GP2Y1010AU0, HX711, ADC ADS1115, VZ-89T, Touch, TSL2561, iButton

What's new

  • 14.02.17 - Added error checking in ds18b20. Who would not fall off the sensor during short reading error
  • 10.02.17 - Added mode to 64x48 OLED. Included in additional settings designer
  • 03.02.17 - The thermostat "smart GPIO management" displayed in a separate option
  • 18.12.16 - Optimizing IR control code (Alt mode). Panasonic added a protocol
  • 16.12.16 - WS2812 can now be controlled via UDP
  • 25.11.16 - Added Backup functions
  • 24.11.16 - Added API Options for full control of external devices
  • 16.11.16 - Added IR sensor MLX90614
  • 16.11.16 - Added basic support for RGB WS2812 LEDs
  • 14.11.16 - Function "GPIO KEY" renamed "Web KEY"
  • 07.11.16 - Added Touch Sensor MPR121 12 channels, 8 channels can be operated as a GPIO

Try it out without registration: w/o OTA 0x00000.bin and w/ OTA 0x00000.bin
it is recommended to flash blank before flashing firmware 0x00000 blank1m.bin, of course don't forget to select 1 MiB flash size in your flashing tool, w/ OTA version gives ability to get bugfixes with just one click