HTTP GET Sensors (updated: 03 Oct 2018, 20:04:16)

Reading GET request sensors at http://[ip adress]/sensors . Sensor readings are separated by a semicolon

idesp device ID
hostname device Name
mac MAC address of the device
wanip IP address of the device
freemem Free RAM
ver Version and firmware build date
uptime uptime device
rssi Signal level (not older SDK)
vdd Supply voltage (ESP8266)
apdsc APDS9960 light
apdsr APDS9960 light RED
apdsg APDS9960 light GREEN
apdsb APDS9960 light BLUE
thermo_setX Setup thermostat
thermo_enX State thermostat on/off
ccsco2 CO2 sensor CCS811
ccstvoc TVOC sensor CCS811
rtd MAX31865 Temperature
hdct Temperature sensor HDC1080
hdch hum sensors HDC1080
pmspm10 PM1.0
pmspm25 PM2.5
pmspm100 PM10.0
vl53l0x Distance VL53L0X
mbYYXX ModBus
adc Internal ADC (ESP8266)
iadcX Int ADC (ESP32)
lm temperature sensors LM75 or DS1621
inav Voltage sensor with INA219
inac Current sensor with INA219
dhttХ Temperature sensors DHT22 DHT11
dhthХ Humidity sensors DHT22 DHT11
bmpt temperature sensors BMP180/085
bmpp Pressure sensors BMP180 / 085
cntXi Data counter 60
light The illuminance sensor with BH1750
amt temperature sensors AM2321
amh Humidity sensor AM2321
dswX temperature sensors DS18B20
bmet Temperature sensor with BME280
bmeh Humidity sensor BME280
bmep Pressure sensor with BME280
shtt Temperature sensor with SHT21
shth Humidity sensor SHT21
sht30t Temperature sensor with SHT30
sht30h Humidity sensor SHT30
heat temperature sensors MAX6675
cvv Voltage sensor with CC/CV
cvc Current sensor with CC/CV
pmv Voltage sensor with Power Monitor
pmc Current sensor with Power Monitor
pmw Power devices with Power Monitor
pmwh Flow from the device Power Monitor
rfid Data from the RFID
co2 Sensors CO2 MH-Z1x
ping ping test
adcX data from ADC PCF8591
rcdata Receiving the code with radio control
rtct Temperature DS3231
nrfYcX Counter modules with NRF24
nrfYtX The temperature of the modules NRF24
nrfYhX Humidity module with NRF24
nrfYaX ADC modules NRF24
nrfYgX Status GPIO module with NRF24
nrfYbX Other data from the modules NRF24
rssigsm RSSI GSM
irdata Receiving the code with IR Remote
pcfcntX Pulse counter PCF8583
rcsXt Temperature sensor with modules RC
rcsXh Humidity sensor module with RC
rcsXa ADC modules RC sensor
countrstX The counter is reset pulses.
counterX Pulse counters.
gpiointX interrupt Event
pwmX PWM Channel status, set status same topic
gpioX GPIO Input status
gpioutX GPIO Output status and control
valuedesX Global variables constructor code
scale scale HX711
mcpa1 data from ADC MCP3201
ring Number of incoming call from the GSM module
sms The text of incoming SMS GSM module
tel The phone number at incoming GSM module SMS
dtmf Incoming team DTMF GSM module
adsX data from ADC ADS1115
nexX Data from Nextion displays. Receiving keystrokes from the touch screen
vzco2 CO2 VZ-89T
nlXt Temperature sensors with NooLite
nlXh Humidity sensor with NooLite
hcsr04 HC-SR04
tsllux data from TSL2561
ibutton ID iButton key
ibuttonst State iButton key
upsi Data from UPS Monitor. Input voltage.
upsf Data from UPS Monitor. Input voltage.
upso Data from UPS Monitor. The voltage at the output.
upsh Data from UPS Monitor. Network frequency
upst Data from UPS Monitor. The temperature in the housing
upsb Data from UPS Monitor. Battery voltage.
upss Data from UPS Monitor. Load
mlxo Object temperature MLX90614
mlxa Ambient temperature MLX90614
vwtXY Temperature VirtualWire
vwhXY Humidity VirtualWire
vwcXY Counters VirtualWire
vwaXY ADC VirtualWire
vwbXY One byte VirtualWire
hlw_w HLW8012 (Sonoff POW) Power
hlw_v HLW8012 (Sonoff POW) Voltage
hlw_c HLW8012 (Sonoff POW) Current
hlw_wh HLW8012 (Sonoff POW) Watt/h